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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ayla By Kelly Anne Blount (An Author Spotlight)

****Kelly Anne Blount****

Kelly Anne Blount was born in Madison, WI. After attending university, she moved to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands to teach elementary school. While living there, she met the love of her life and was married in a beautiful ceremony on the Caribbean Sea. After returning stateside, Kelly started to pursue another passion, writing. She recently wrote her first young fantasy adult novel in between teaching preschoolers with special needs and taking care of her husband and their five furry rescues. Kelly also enjoys reading in her free time. Her favorite genres are YA fantasy, MG, paranormal romance, and the occasional thriller.

Books By Kelly Anne Blount

In the world of Necoh, everyone fears Grishma, a hideous murderous beast responsible for ruining or ending the lives of anyone who dare cross her.

As a young boy, Ryder lived with his family, deep in the caves underneath the Kadin Forest, unaware of the horrors of the world. His simple world was turned upside down one horrible night when Grishma attacked his family, killing his father and kidnapping his mother and younger sister.

From that night on, Ryder devoted his life to killing Grishma. He tracked the monster from Necoh, to our world, and back again. Unfortunately, during his quest, he accidentally transported Brooklyn, a high school junior into his tumultuous world, where she is mistakenly identified as Princess Sophie, the missing princess of Sumner.

Days after Princess Sophie's return, Grishma plots and manipulates the King into drugging and marrying off his only daughter to Prince Algid of Dratun. Desperate to save Brooklyn, who now believes she is the long lost princess, his mother, and his little sister, Ryder embarks on the deadliest part of his quest. Will he save Brooklyn? Will she ever regain her memory? What will become of his mother and sister? Through epic adventure, loss, and love, GRISHMA depicts the strength of the human spirit and the tight bonds formed by the unique creatures of Necoh.


In the blink of an eye, Brooklyn is torn from Ryder's arms and thrown back into her own world...

Vowing to find a way back to Necoh, she goes to dangerous lengths and embarks on a deadly mission to find her love and help him destroy Grishma once and for all.

Lives will be lost, trust will be shattered, and secrets will be revealed...

Will Brooklyn find Ryder?

Will they finally put an end to Grishma's murderous reign?

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Twitter (@KellyAnneBlount) 
Goodreads Best Fantasy Covers List (currently number two)

Excerpt From Grishma
         Brooklyn,” said Ryder in a hushed voice. “Please follow me right now. Our lives depend on it! ”Without another word, Brooklyn grabbed Ryder’s hand and they began to run. It wasn’t until she stepped on a sharp rock that Brooklyn realized she had forgotten her shoes back where she and Ryder collided. She cried out in pain and slowed down.
“We don’t have time!” Ryder said urgently. Brooklyn looked down at her foot and saw a deep gash. “Ryder, I can’t… I’m hurt.”
“Just a little bit further! We’re almost there!” said Ryder. He led Brooklyn deeper into the forest, away from civilization. She tried to keep up, but the cut on her foot slowed her down considerably. Whatever was following them wasn’t giving up. Intermittent snarls and howls kept Brooklyn motivated to keep moving, no matter how painful it was.
Ryder could hear the rushing water. They were getting closer. Just a few more minutes and they would be safe. He navigated his way through the trees to the edge of a clearing. Ahead he saw his intended destination. Through the mist from a waterfall, a moonbow shimmered. Brooklyn couldn’t believe her eyes. “How can there be a rainbow in the middle of the night?” she asked.
“We’re almost there, Brooklyn, just a few more feet,” Ryder panted. Pulling her by the hand, he led them into the small lake at the base of the waterfall, and then quickly waded out to the middle of the moonbow.
“Brooklyn,” Ryder said turning and looking into her eyes. “There’s something very bad following us. If it catches us, it will kill us. There’s only one way I can keep you safe right now. Please, you have to trust me.”
Brooklyn stared into his deep green eyes. “I think I believe you,” she replied. “But…” before she could agree, a bone-chilling snarl interrupted her.
“Quick,” Ryder said, rummaging through his pockets. “Drink this!” He presented her with one of two small glass vials filled with an indigo liquid. Brooklyn downed the sugary formula and her eyes widened. What had been chasing them finally burst into the clearing. She dropped the empty bottle and a blood-curdling scream escaped her lips just as the large beast lunged straight for them.
Right before the indescribable thing reached them, Brooklyn felt like something hooked her by the shirt and ripped her away. It felt like an invisible rollercoaster. It pulled her up, down, left, right and every other way it could. Hot air blasted her in the face, making perspiration dampen her brow. The only thing keeping her from throwing up was Ryder’s hand tightly gripping hers. She struggled to see him as a dense fog encircled their bodies. Then they were falling. She felt her fingers slipping from his grasp. Panic and confusion set in. It felt like forever until a jolt threw her forward and she slammed into the ground. Everything went black.
-- Kelly Anne Blount