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Sunday, November 2, 2014


New Release From Best Selling Author Jessica Gibson!!!!


One night. That’s all it was supposed to be. No strings. No complications. 

Grace DeLeo didn’t do one night stands. She was a relationship girl through and through. All of that went out the window when she met Logan in a bar while he was in town on business. 

Logan McFadden liked his no strings lifestyle. He loved his rules. Everything had a place, and there was no space for a relationship or feelings. 

One night. That’s all it took to change things forever.


About Jessica Gibson

Jessica Gibson is a recovering bookaholic, she's down from four books a week to a more reasonable one. It was that love of words and creativity that made her dream about writing her first book. That dream was hidden for years, always put on the back burner, filed away in the "someday" section, until her husband Matt gave her the kick in the pants she needed to actually get off her butt and write. 

Jessica and Matt live in Southern California and have a serious addiction to reality tv shows like Pawn Stars and American Restoration. They have one amazing son who runs circles around them both.

Aside from writing, she runs an online event planning business called the Release Day Diva. In addition to novels, Jessica writes and maintains the blog Book on the Bright Side. Keep up with Jessica and her latest releases and events on her blog.

More Books by Jessica Gibson

NA Contemporary Romance:

The Harder I Fall (Falling Fast book 1)

Becca Langer was not a normal girl, she didn't have normal girl problems. For most of her life, she’s had to take care of herself, her younger brother Chad, and her drunk mother. She’s lived under the shadow of what her father did when she was ten years old. Forever branded by his actions. 

College was her escape, she could get away and finally live. Her dream was to make it in the New York Ballet Company one day. That for her meant a long road full of hard work and dedication. She didn't have time for distractions, and Levi Klein was definitely a distraction. 

Will Levi be able to crack through her tough exterior and really see the wounded soul underneath? Becca needs to be loved, but the question is, will she let Levi love her? 

The Deeper We Get (Falling Fast book 2)


Chad Langer was always running. Running from his past, afraid of letting himself be happy and free. College was going to be his new start. New city, new school, new people. 

Scarlett would be his undoing. He knew it the moment he saw her. Something in her eyes called to him. She was just as broken as he was. 

Sometimes the past doesn’t stay in the past. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles set in their path?

Contemporary Romance:

Dressed in White

Only $0.99
Lorelei Peters had everything she had ever dreamed of. Amazing friends, a sexy boyfriend, and a job that she absolutely loved. 

Dillon Brockwell was all she had ever wanted. Handsome, successful, and he loved her as much as she loved him. Life was going along the way it was supposed to, until someone from Dillon’s past shows up and shatters everything to pieces. 

Can Lorelei and Dillon get through all the craziness and make it down the aisle? Or will lies of omission be enough to derail them forever.

Young Adult Paranormal:

Haunted U School Spirits book 1


Ezzie Lovegreen lives in a world where witches and ghosts are real. That doesn’t mean she’s not surprised when she’s suddenly being haunted by one at school. 

With the help of her best friend Stella, her boyfriend Beau, and her grandmother Winifred, Ezzie must find out what happened to the ghost and set her free. Secrets will be revealed that could change Ezzie’s life forever. 

Will Ezzie be strong enough to face the challenges set in her path?
**In Paperback edition only**

Paranormal Romance:

Blood Lust


Ronan has lived for hundreds of years. In all of his years there has only been one for him. What will he risk to get back what is his by right?

**This is a short story and is the prequel to Love and Blood, book 1 in the Blood Ties series**

Love and Blood
Only $0.99

Bronwyn Fitzgibbons was young and reckless. It was easy for Ronan to steal her human life and make her a vampire. She ran, but she never forgot him--or how he made her feel.

Rider saved Bronwyn from the new life she loathed and the new self she detested. His love restored her sanity. 

Now Ronan is back to claim her. She struggles like hell against him, but she cannot deny the overwhelming power of her maker. Will Bronwyn surrender to the one who could possess her utterly? Or can she find the strength to choose the one who loves her as she is?

Blood and Sacrifice
Bronwyn left everything behind when she left with Ronan. She became what he needed her to be and forgot the rest. Too bad the past won't stay in the past.

Rider bursts back into her life uninvited, and is not the man she remembers. There is an edge to him that was not there before. Bronwyn is torn by guilt over what he has become and anger at being blamed for it.

When Ronan ended his maker’s life, he inherited a line of vampires and a whole set of problems to go along with it. Bronwyn must decide if their love is worth it, worth the killing, and the constant disruption of their lives.

Is love enough? Can Bronwyn find herself again and strike a balance between who she wants to be and who Ronan needs her to be? Or will she lose herself all over again?

Coming Soon:

Till Death Do Us Part

Jessica Gibson's Upcoming Events:

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Mar 21, 2015
10:30 AM
Universal City, CAHilton Los Angeles Universal CityAuthors Under The Lights
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Twitter: @jessicajgibson

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Featuring Author Tyffani Clark Kemp!!!!!

Tyffani Clark Kemp 

Tyffani Clark Kemp was born in Florida and raised by her grandparents. She started writing at the age of eleven when her english teacher gave them a prompt to write about for fifteen minutes. She took the story home, but never finished it, just like most of her writing attempts during that time. She enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy, but will write anything that she feels excited about. After graduation she moved to South Carolina. She lives there now with her family and her dog.

Connect With Tyffani


The Power Couple: BOOK #3

The Red Wife: BOOK #2

The Man Without Rules: BOOK #1

More Books From Tyffani

LeKrista never thought Roman would kidnap her, but it seems there's no depth to which he won't stoop. She's stuck in a fortress in the middle of only God knows where with no way to contact her family or her new fiance and let them know she's alright. 

To add insult to injury, Roman has brought her arch nemesis to keep her company. Forced to make friends with Eddy, the man who has made her life miserable for years, she bides her time until a rescue can be arranged. 

But unrealized feelings for her vampire captor make things complicated. Or perhaps it's Stockholm Syndrome. She can't really be sure. 

Just to make matters worse, the vampires are ready to go through with their plan to rule the world with an iron fang, and once again, she's caught in the middle of the war for power. The truth of her involvement is becoming clear, but she may lose more than her freedom in her quest to stop the the powerful undead on her own.

LeKrista Scott survived three separate vampire attacks, almost drowned, and turned down her boyfriend's proposal. What else could possibly go wrong? 

Apparently, if it's not one thing, it's another. Lizette, a brand new vampire with a grudge, blames LeKrista for being turned into a monster. In retaliation, she decides to go straight for the throat, so to speak, and attack LK's ailing mother at her rest home. LeKrista enlists the help of her "Vampire liason" Roman, but it could never be that easy. Not for her. 

A daywalker, a born vampire who can walk in the sun, has been hired by the head of the Vampire Council to collect LeKrista and the debt she owes him. As payment, her great great aunt is taken. Once again, the Mages refuse to help, so what is a girl to do, but rescue her family herself? 

With her back against the wall, LeKrista will rise up stronger and teach the preternatural world to fear the Vampire Hunted. 

LeKrista Scott has killed a vampire, and now his lover wants revenge. 

After months of watching her from the shadows, Lucretious, a millennia old vampire, finally makes his attack during a party thrown by his maker, Roman - a party where Roman proclaims his protection over LeKrista. Roman steps in and saves her life, but not before she deals Lucretious the true death in front of his lover, Perdita. Now LeKrista is running for her life and Roman is trying to save it, but she’s not sure if he really cares or if he has some underhanded reason for keeping her alive. She seeks help from Mages but they refuse to help her, even though she exhibits high potential as a Mage herself. In a last ditch effort, Roman whisks LeKrista away, but Perdita finds them. LeKrista must eliminate Perdita one way or another. 

**Not for readers under the age of 18+. Contains language and adult situations.** 

Gabriel Slade runs Hollywood with his gorgeous blue eyes and egregious temper. No one knows that underneath it all is a man with a frozen heart, cursed to become a beast at every full moon. For seven days he has no choice but to roam the earth as a vicious animal, until he meets a woman who can change it all. 

Luna Grace has a hatred for everything Gabriel Slade stands for, but she doesn't even know what he looks like. When a chance encounter reveals feelings Luna never knew she harboured, it stands to reason that she would run. 

Can Luna overcome her hatred and break the curse? Or will Gabriel's temper keep her from realizing her true feelings, dooming him to remain the beast forever?

Gabriel Slade has returned to take his rightful place as Captain of The General's army. Luna stayed behind to nurse a broken heart and a precious secret that could mean the end of all mankind. 

Humans possessed by the spirits of the dead are searching the earth for a child that will have the power to bring the apocalypse upon the world. Gabriel must find this child if he hopes to keep order and peace with the humans, but his heart keeps getting in the way. He must save the world from darkness, while making the one decision that could cost him everything. 

Gabe once thought that roaming the earth as a hideous, angry beast was his curse. Now, without the love of his life he feels more helpless than before.

Harvey Young, rock star lead of the Scottish band Shaggy Maggie, has dreamed his whole life about the red-haired girl from the school bus that he bullied until she ran away. He's resigned himself to groupie fill-ins. There's no way he'll ever see her again. Why torture himself pining for his lost youth?

Magda Canady may be on the unlucky side, but her life is starting to work itself out. She's an editor for a New York Publishing company and her long-time lawyer boyfriend is taking her home to Scotland to meet the parents and his younger brother. But the trip holds more danger than she could have imagined. Between a psycho stalker and the boy who tortured her through high school, she might lose her mind - and her life - before it's all said and done.

When a chance encounter brings them together once more, it's the past, the present, and a little psychosis that may get in the way of the future that was always meant to be.

Following Magda Canady's confession to her fiancĂ© Beckman that she's in love with his twin brother, she heads back home to deal with moving out and figure out what to do with her traitorous best friend. Who sleeps with the man her best friend is in love with? Apparently, Cait does. Forgiveness isn't going to come easy. 

Unable to deal with the truth, Beckman decides it's time for drastic measures. He's never been reckless in his life, but on the night he loses the one thing that makes him happy, he feels the need for drastic measures. He just didn't mean to run into the tree quite that hard. With broken ribs and some bumps and bruises, he flies home to try and salvage what's left of his life. 

This is a follow up novella to Shaggy Maggie. It is best read second in the series. 


Rozaline doesn't know it, but her pet shelter is in trouble. Her benefactor is ready to pull out, but instead of telling her, he's orchestrated one last hurrah to give her enough money to last through the next year. That's where super famous celebrity Charles Roulette comes in. His fans will pay to go on a date with him, in turn, the money he raises will go to Rozaline's shelter. 

But there's a catch. 

Because she owns the shelter, Rozaline can't enter to win. Mina, Rozaline's roommate and best friend and the daughter of the man ready to cut her loose, can. Her father pays to get Mina four dates with Charles. 

The price of betrayal? One hundred thousand dollars. 

Charles, however, only has eyes for one woman. Are years of friendship enough to transcend the betrayal of a lifetime? Who get's the man? And, for Christmas' sake, what happens to the puppies? 

For Christmas' Sake: Nice Edition 

**Nice Edition** 
Rozaline doesn't know it, but her pet shelter is in trouble. Her benefactor is ready to pull out, but instead of telling her, he's orchestrated one last hurrah to give her enough money to last through the next year. That's where super famous celebrity Charles Roulette comes in. His fans will pay to go on a date with him, in turn, the money he raises will go to Rozaline's shelter. But there's a catch. Because she owns the shelter, Rozaline can't enter to win. Mina, Rozaline's roommate and best friend and the daughter of the man ready to cut her loose, can. Her father pays to get Mina four dates with Charles. The price of betrayal? One hundred thousand dollars. Charles, however, only has eyes for one woman. Are years of friendship enough to transcend the betrayal of a lifetime? Who get's the man? And, for Christmas' sake, what happens to the puppies?

Monday, September 22, 2014




What do you get when you take eleven awesome paranormal authors, toss them into one box set, and turn up the heat?

Why, you get Love Potion No. 11, of course.

This box set contains ELEVEN full-length novels from eleven authors. And right now. . .for a limited time. . .it's only 99 cents.

Talk about a bang for your buck.

Eleven full length paranormal novels celebrating strong women, sizzling hot heroes, and all the things that go bump in the night.

Featured author Melinda VanLone finds her work is inspired by music. Check out her playlist for STRONGER THAN MAGIC:

  1. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
  2. This Years Love - David Gray
  3. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
  4. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
  5. Let Her Go - Tyler Ward
  6. Ring of Fire - Avi Kaplan
  7. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
  8. Let It Go - Idina Menzel
  9. Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
  10. When You Say Nothing at All - Alison Krauss & Union Station
Playlist on Spotify
Stronger Than Magic
Tarian Xannon fights demons like the rest of us. This time, the demon just happens to be real.

In a world of magic, hidden away from those who have no power, Tarian Xannon commands the natural forces of water, air, and fire. As heir to the Dolphin Throne, her job is to learn what it takes to lead—but she'd much rather forget the heavy weight of responsibility in the waves of the ocean. When Tarian is brutally attacked she faces the shocking reality her talent, while strong, is no match for the demon-like creature.  As her defenses wane, his attacks grow bolder. All she knows and loves hangs in the balance.
Tarian fights not only to keep the throne she thought she hated, but to accept her true place in the world. Will her power be enough? Or are some things stronger than magic?

Meet Melenda VanLone


Melinda VanLone writes fantasy and science fiction, freelances as a graphic designer, and dabbles in photography. She currently lives in Rockville, Maryland, with her husband and furbabies. When she's not playing with her imaginary friends you can find her playing World of Warcraft, wandering aimlessly through the streets taking photos, or hovered over coffee in Starbucks. 

 Find Melinda: 

Buy the set now!

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Meet all the authors

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Featuring Amazon Best Selling Author Jamie Salisbury!!!!


In the three short years since Jamie Salisbury began self-publishing her Romance stories, she has seen her historical-romance westerns soar to #1 on Amazon, has been voted a 2012 RONE award Finalist for her novella Tudor Rubato and is now publishing her novels through Secret Cravings Publishing in addition to self publishing.
Jamie now lives in the Southeastern United States, but the love for travel has never abandoned her. Adventure, exploration, and intrigue permeate her prose to the core.
In those few moments of the day when she's not writing or thinking about writing, she finds knitting a way to relax and unwind. Other interests include photography, equestrianism, reading, and of course traveling.
Jamie hopes her writing will entertain, enlighten, and inspire others to pick up the pen and pursue their own dreams. She loves to be contacted by readers, writers, and history buffs.

Encore! (Tudor Saga Book 1)
Mary Stuart and Daniel Kennedy have not seen each other since attending a prestigious performing arts school. 
Now a world renowned violinist, and married to his career, Daniel stumbles across Mary through her images at a London gallery. He is in need of a photographer with vision - she is a photographer in need of clients. 
Mary has all but given up the stage - or has she? Her photographs pay the bills far more than her fancy musical education. But Mary has secrets. . .secrets she dare not share with even the roguish Mr. Kennedy. 
A roving paparazzi lens changes all that for them. . . 
Can Daniel forgive Mary for hiding her past - and her present? Will their relationship break like a violin string - or will their love endure the chaos?

Buy Links: 

Amazon USA: 
Amazon UK: 

Book Trailer For ENCORE


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Sunday, September 7, 2014


HAPPY RELEASE DAY Danielle Jamie! 
Today is the day we get to meet the blonde bad boy Chase Kenzington & Super Sweet  Ashlynn Myers; see how their explosive summer romance unfolds. 

TITLE: Just For The Summer 

AUTHOR: Danielle Jamie 

RELEASE DATE:  Summer 2014

Cover Model~Chase Ketron 
Cover Design~Perfect Pear Covers 

**This summer fall in love with Chase and Ashlynn. See how their love story began in Just For The Summer. A hot steamy novella showing the ups and downs of a hot summer romance**

Chase Kenzington loves two things: fast cars and women. At twenty-one, he has the entire world at his feet. With his father being Hank Kenzington, who is one of the best drivers in the Sprint Cup Series and his grandfather, Arnold Kenzington, a legend in Nascar, he's used to getting whatever he wants when he wants it.

When he and his friends decide to spend the summer at his father’s beach house in Myrtle Beach, he expects to spend it throwing parties on the beach and finding hot girls to hook up with. The last thing on his mind is finding a girl who’ll make him re-think everything.

Ashlynn Myers, along with a few sorority sisters, is heading to Myrtle Beach for four weeks of fun in the sun. The last thing she expects is to meet a guy while on vacation who will make her fall fast and hard before she even knows what hit her. When she meets Chase the chemistry between them is undeniable. The thing about summer and summer romances is that they both come with expiration dates. After summer ends you have to part ways and go back to your everyday lives.

What do you do when you think you’ve found your soulmate but you’re separated by hundreds of miles? Will Ashlynn and Chase be able to walk away from their summer fling and never look back, pretending that what they had for one month over the summer was nothing more than a hot summer hook-up?

I’m so nervous about my date with Chase tonight,” I say, rolling onto my stomach so I can tan my backside.
“Don’t be. I imagine it’ll be something fun and completely Chase-like. Maybe zip lining or snorkeling, because from what I Googled on him this morning, he lives on the wild side. That boy should have danger as his middle name.” If this is Nikki’s idea of helping me relax, she’s insane.
“Really, Nikki? Thanks. Now I’m about a hundred times more nervous! I’m terrified of heights, and I really don’t think swimming around waiting for a shark to eat me qualifies as an amazing date. Why is it the one guy I’m attracted to since Evan has to be an adrenaline junky?”
The rest of our crew appears beside us, Becca plopping down onto her towel beside me, and Tamara sitting back in her beach chair. They just got back from taking a dip in the ocean. It’s so hot today I feel like I’m melting under the sun. We have to keep jumping in the water every few minutes to cool ourselves off. I don’t want to burn, ruining my date with Chase because I’m as red as a lobster, so I’ve been applying sunscreen religiously.
“What are we talking about?” Tamara asks while slipping her oversized sunglasses back on and setting her sun hat on her head. She digs her book out of her beach bag before turning her eyes to Nikki and me.
Becca rolls onto her side, props her head up in her hand, and grins at us. “Yeah, girlies. Spill it. What are y’all gossiping about? Wait! Wait! Let me guess…Chase?” She lets out a high-pitched giggle when I roll my eyes at her and give her a push, sending her onto her back.
“Yes, Chase, and now, thanks to Nikki, I’m stressing over what we’ll be doing for our date. We barely know each other, so it’s not like he’s aware of my extreme fear of heights and sharks. Nikki here has revealed Chase is an adrenaline junky who likes to live life on the wild side, which is the total opposite of me!”
Nikki lets out a loud huff. “Oh, stop being such a twat waffle. You’re going on a date with Chase freaking Kenzington! I googled my ass off all freaking morning, and let me just say the ladies have nothing bad to say about that man besides the fact he’s a heartbreaker. Which…I mean…come on. That’s a given. We’ve seen his womanizing ways firsthand. With looks like that, I’d think he was gay if he didn’t manwhore it up every once in a while.”

Amazon CA~

Bestselling Author of the Savannah Series. I published my first novel Irresistible Desire last March, and since then it's been whirlwind year! I love my die hard fans #KaydensAngels!

I'm 29yrs old and the mother of three gorgeous children ranging in the ages of 11, 6 and 3. I also run Bailey Boopers Boutique full time along with writing. I love to stay busy!! I love traveling and the beach, so I'm excited to mix the two when I travel to FL, TX, AL, NC, CA..ect through out the yr meeting my kick ass fans!!